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Chemistry Club won Best Dance Pop in the 2015 Westword Music Awards!

Chemistry Club in the 2015 Westword Music Awards


The Westword Music Awards results are in, and we’re very pleased to say that Chemistry Club won in the Dance Pop category this year — a true honor from our home city. We were nominated by a panel of music industry folks, alongside hundreds of other excellent bands. Finals came down to popular vote.

Thank you for your votes and love and general wonderfulness.


Chemistry Club's "Copia: The Undertow"


YAY SCIENCE! Our newest comic book is coming out next week! Copia: The Undertow is the newest piece of the Copia series, exploring more of the story from Copia: The Electric Hush and Copia: Landfall.  We worked with artist Patch Silver to bring you something we think is truly awesome.

Our last comic, Landfall, received great reviews, and we’re looking forward to showing you the newest piece of the story.

“absolutely stunning artwork” – The Geekistry

“breathes life into a five song EP already chock-full of emotion” – Nanobot

Read more about the last issue from Rooster Magazine and Mile Hi-Fi



New music from Chemistry Club!
Check out our latest album, The Electric Hush, on Google Play and iTunes.

Chemistry Club on Google Play     Chemistry Club on iTunes

video game.

Chemistry Club: Navigator is now available on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Facebook.  GO PLAY!

Chemistry Club: Navigator for iOS on the Apple App Store     Chemistry Club: Navigator for Android on Google Play

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Chemistry Club’s in-studio cover series recorded live from Consonance Productions with the help of CAM Records.

A little video for the new single, Miranda. This whole video was shot in one take! If you like what you hear, download it on Bandcamp, iTunes, or Google Play.


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